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Equality Policy / Projects

Strengthening and Supporting Community life and teachers in Kvemo Kartli as agents of social Change

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Budget: USD 34,940

Duration: 2020 Year

Since April of 2020, Social Justice Center, with the support of Open society Georgia Foundation (OSGF), is implementing a project titled: “Strengthening and Supporting Community life and teachers in Kvemo Kartli as agents of social Change”.

State policy towards ethnic/religious minorities was largely based on the prospects of security and ethnoreligious nationalism, creating an unfair political, social, and cultural environment around non-dominant ethnic/religious groups. In the dominant view, ethnic minorities are placed at different levels of the social hierarchy and are described using problematic metaphors such as ‘alien’, ‘dangerous’, ‘backward’. Often minorities, especially large minorities, are essentially seen as having historical, political, and cultural ties to the neighboring state, making them more of a ‘guest’ or ‘diaspora’ than a full-fledged citizen. With this in mind, the project aims to strengthen the actors of social change in the Kvemo Kartli region and support the development of community life.

To achieve this goal, the project sets the following objectives:

  • To create a network of local teachers in the Kvemo Kartli region and to build their capacity in relation to issues of democracy, justice, and community life;
  • Supporting community life in Kvemo Kartli villages by promoting sustainable development of community centers;
  • Strengthen the digital knowledge of local, social change actors and teachers in Kvemo Kartli;

The target group of the project are the teacher and leaders of community centers operating in Kvemo Kartli. Through the project activities, we plan to study their urgent needs, increase their information capacity on subjects such as democracy and social justice issues and to strengthen/develop their digital skills needed for distance learning.

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