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WOMEN’S RIGHTS / Guideline

Women & Political Representation

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This book is the result of the project “Capacity Development of Female Candidates and Elected Officials in Georgia – 2014 Local Elections” implemented by the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC)with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation and with the technical assistance of the Council of Eu-rope. In the first stage of the project EMC organized two training sessions for 34 Georgian female candidates for both independent candidates and members from seven different political parties. 15 out of the 34 trained candidates were elected and hold deputy mandates at the local self-government level. Within this stage the“Handbook for Women Participating in Local Self-Government Elections” was also developed and published.

After the elections, EMC has been closely working with the elected women to identify gender sensitive social issues in their municipalities to further work on.

This second handbook serves as a tool, rather than offering clear-cut solutions to the problem of under representation at the local level especially. It gives information on methods that have been used elsewhere in an attempt to increase women’s participation in the political sphere. Moreover, it focuses on what women need to do and can do themselves. It is the ones most affected who can act on a problem to bring about change.


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